What is that ?

Small file that the browser stores locally on the Internet user’s hard drive and used to record information about the Internet user or their visit to a website: its sole purpose is to simplify navigation on Buzger. com and cannot contain viruses.

Our site is designed to be particularly attentive and to personalize the advertising offers that we offer you and the information that we send you. Cookies are used by solely for the purpose of improving the personalized service to you.

Ways to oppose it

You can refuse cookies, however, some features of the site may not work properly.

You can disable cookies by following the instructions as follows:

From Internet Explorer:

– In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button, then on Internet Options.
– On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Settings.
– Click the View Files button.
– Click on the Name column header to sort all files in alphabetical order, then scroll through the list until you see files starting with the prefix Cookie. (all cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website that created it).
– Select them and delete them
– Close the window containing the list of files, then click OK twice to return to Internet Explorer.

From Mozilla Firefox:

– Go to the Tools tab of the browser then select the Options menu.
– In the window that appears, choose Privacy and click on Show cookies.
– Select them and delete them.

From Safari:

– In your browser, choose the Edit menu > Preferences.
– Click on Security.
– Click on Show cookies.
– – Select them and delete them.
– After deleting, click Done.

From Google Chrome:

– Click on the Tools menu icon.
– Select Options.
– Click on the Advanced Options tab and navigate to the Privacy section.
– Click on the Show Cookies button.
– Select them and delete them.
– Click Close to return to your browser.

Other web browser:

Consult the help section specific to this browser (generally accessible by clicking on the ? tab then Help or by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard).