Walnut bechevet (hatchet-adze)


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Bêchevet is a Savoyard term for a tool with two blades: an ax head and a pick or hoe head (hence bêchevet: bi-chef, two heads).
Here it is a light tool, with a 600g head, but equipped with a real ax head, and the other tip can be used as an adze, or quite simply as a pickaxe/hoe.
It is a tool that can be extremely versatile, for those who want both woodcutting and digging capacity, without having to carry two different tools.
Sharpened by us. Oval ash handle. Delivered without case.

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 60 cm
Type de bêchevet

without case

Poids nominal

600g – N.1, 1300g – N.5, 1500g – N.6, 1700g – N.7

Type de manche

synthetic handle, traditional straight neck